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AAASP Supports the NBA Fit Movement Sharing Information On Workouts for Students in Wheelchairs to Keep Active

Atlanta, September 19, 2013 - The American Association of Adapted Sports Programs again in national spotlight, this time for partnering with NBA on an wheelchair workout offering for their NBA Fit website. AAASP aids K-12 schools to include athletes with physical disabilities in sport.

In January the Office of Civil Rights of the US Department of Education issued a Dear Colleague Letter clarifying schools' obligations to be inclusive in athletics by allowing the disabled on traditional teams where appropriate, by adding adapted sports programs or both. Georgia's AAASP continues to be the national model for secondary schools, working exclusively in this area since 1996 and receiving numerous state and national awards for their successes in getting kids off the sidelines.

Parents and teachers agree that these programs have been life-changing events in their children's lives and that they now feel like an athlete instead of a spectator.  Other noted benefits were reductions over previous years in secondary health complications resulting from sedentary habits; increased motivation to get good grades, improvement in academics; active engagement and friendship with other students, mentors, and coaches; as well as the ability to work hard, participate in a group, set goals, and excel in sports. Public Broadcasting (GPB).

  AAASP was exclusively funded in Georgia through the state DOE until 2008 when all funds were eliminated. Georgia efforts now are dependent on support from sponsors and donations from the public.

  The American Association of Adapted Sports Programs (AAASP), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has developed one of the nation's most comprehensive school-based athletic program for children with physical disabilities attending grades 1-12.  Many prominent individuals and national organizations in the industry have recognized AAASP as the model for the nation.  Join our conversations on Facebook or on Twitter.