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State High School Associations Overview

State High School Associations who are members of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) may elect to become members of the American Association of Adapted Sports Programs, Inc. (AAASP) to help ensure that athletic opportunities are commonly available for students with physical disabilities so they can experience the rewards and satisfaction of competitive school-based sports.

AAASP services are tailored to meet the needs of each state in the development and administration of adapted athletic programs for students with physical disabilities.

In Georgia, the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) and AAASP serve in a dual governing alliance whereby the GHSA recognizes AAASP as the governing and sanctioning body for interscholastic adapted athletics serving Georgia's students with physical disabilities. When the partnership between the two organizations formed in 2001, it was viewed as pioneering territory and since then, both organizations have worked diligently to include interscholastic adapted athletics into mainstream school athletic programs.

The Florida High School Athletic Association and the Kentucky High School Athletic Association also partnered with AAASP to expand opportunities for students with physical disabilities in adapted track and field.

AAASP brings the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully add and integrate adapted athletic programs into existing athletic structures without creating an undue administrative burden or altering the rules of competition for traditional high school sports.

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